23 May 2014

While exploring for new distributors of miniature computers, we found out that at least 2 of them sent us fake products.

They marketed them as the awesome MK802 Allwinner A10, which we know and love, because it runs Wacnet very well. However, upon reception of the product, nothing worked. We copied the programs into the devices, powered them on… but the screens remained blank.

It took us a while to discover that those are fake products. Perhaps they think that as long as the average consumer doesn’t notice, it’s okay to make false advertising and ship a lesser product instead.

You can check yourself: The MK802 is supposed to come with the Allwinner A10. Everywhere the MK802s are announced as based on the A10. Some manufacturers, certainly to save money with a cheaper system, decided to use the A10s instead, which is a totally different system. I can’t stress this enough. It’s as if you went and bought a Pathfinder, but received a Versa instead. Those are not the same car!

Lift the veil and you’ll see the difference. Here are pictures of these systems without their plastic enclosures.

One side:

Allwinner A10 side 1 Allwinner A10s side 1

The other side:

Allwinner A10 side 2 Allwinner A10s side 2

If you intend to buy these devices, be careful. There is no way to differentiate between the genuine products and the fakes simply by looking at their enclosures.

Christian Fortin Founder

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