30 May 2014

For the last few weeks we’ve worked hard to improve the underlying BACnet library of Wacnet. If everything goes according to plan, a new version of Wacnet should see the light of day pretty soon.

Bug fixes

There’s many little code improvements and some bug fixes.

Speaking of bugs, the guys at Schouten Techniek discovered one when devices used proprietary engineering units. This is now fixed and will be integrated in the next release. Thanks guys!

Remember, if you find bugs, please report them to us! We don’t have the power of telepathy yet… we can’t know what you don’t tell us!

Open Source UI

We are currently in the process of making parts of Vigilia’s user interface open source and integrating it into Wacnet.

Wacnet UI

It features a much better way of selecting controllers and gives you a nice filtering box to quickly select the objects you want.

Wacnet Filtering Box


All the data consumed by the UI comes from the API. This means that if you don’t like our interface, you can make your own!

If you are more on the technical side, you can also make shell scripts to retrieve limited information.

Trend Logs Download

We also added the ability to download BACnet trend logs directly to CSV files by simply clicking on the download button.

Download Trend Logs

Trend Logs Into CSV

Vigilia Integration

Finally, we’ve integrated Vigilia (the data logging service) into Wacnet.

If you are subscribed, you will have the ability to directly look at your logs without even leaving Wacnet. Simply press a little button besides the object name and you’ll see a graph pop out:

Vigilia Into Wacnet

Tell Us What You Want!

We hope you’ll like all these new features.

While we can try to guess what other users want by solving our own needs, this can only take us so far. If there’s a feature you’d like to see added, please tell us!


Christian Fortin Founder

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