24 June 2014

One of the most underused Wacnet feature is the REPL, which gives access to a complete programming environment. I suppose this shouldn’t be surprising, as learning a new language is always a time consuming endeavour.

In case you don’t know where the REPL is, it’s in the REPL section of Wacnet:

Wacnet REPL

While learning from scratch is probably not possible for everyone, one can easily share little snippets to be used in the REPL. Just like an Excel macro or an AutoCAD script, you don’t have to be able to write it yourself.

The following code will export a text file containing a rudimentary profile of the BACnet network.

And when we open the network-profile.txt file:

Neat, right? With a few lines of code, you generated a summary of all the devices, their model and from which vendor they originate.

Christian Fortin Founder

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