11 October 2015

It is yet again the time for a new Wacnet release.

You can download it here: Download Wacnet. If you are on the mailing list, you should already have received a direct download link.

New Features

This release introduces a few new features…

Not only is Wacnet now able to show you the device manufacturer and model, it does so by generating a link to the HVAC Wiki.

This means that while your are exploring a BACnet network, you can jump immediately to the device’s wiki entry.

An unknown device? Check who made it… A problem with a particular device? Check its wiki entry for known bugs!

Wacnet - HVAC Wiki

Configurable Caching

Since 1.1.6, Wacnet has been caching the remote devices properties for a few minutes. While it can dramatically speed up browsing on a slow network, sometimes you might prefer to have a VERY recent property value.

With this release, users are now able to configure the caching time (or disable it altogether).

Wacnet - Configurable Caching

Vigilia Self-hosted Support

With the advent of Vigilia Self-Hosted, Wacnet needed to be able to send its recorded data to any server.

It is now possible for Wacnet to send the recorded data to the same machine (localhost), a remote Vigilia server hosted by your company, or simply continue using HVAC.IO servers.

Wacnet - Supported Vigilia Network Config

Christian Fortin Founder

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