25 August 2016

We just released a new version of Wacnet.

If you are on the mailing list, you should have received a direct download link to the last compiled version.

For all the others, you can get it there: Download Wacnet.

Bug Fixes

We fixed quite a few communication bugs, mostly for old devices that don’t support segmentation.

We need to thank users like you for bringing those problems to our attention. Please continue to do so, we’ll gladly try to fix them ASAP and make Wacnet better for everyone!

Object List Pagination

In this release, we added the concept of pagination for the object list (API). While it is considered bad practice in the BACnet world to have hundreds (and even thousands) of objects, some manufacturers are still doing it. The pagination allows to ask for a limited subset of these.

The Explorer, which is a great demo of the API capabilities, has been updated to use this new feature. Now, instead of loading the list of all objects in a single request, it will load a few of them at the time and add them incrementally in the user interface.

Wacnet Explorer

BACnet Priority Array

In BACnet, some properties can have multiple “priorities”. If you write the present-value property with a proprity of 16 while the present-value has a priority of 10, your new value won’t appear! This is because the current value has a higher priority and is the one that is being returned when asked for the present-value.

The Wacnet API now supports adding a priority when writing to an object.

While this new feature is powerful, you can easily cause havoc on a BACnet network… we suggest you use the priority field only if you know exactly what you are doing.

That’s about it.


Christian Fortin Founder

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