29 June 2016

Greetings fellow BACnet enthusiasts!

After months of development, we are finally ready to release a new major version of Wacnet.

You can download it here: Download Wacnet.

The underlying engine bacure has been heavily reworked to enable easier programming and interfacing with the network.


The Explorer is still available to explore your BACnet network and the interface remains mostly unchanged.

Wacnet Explorer

One nice little addition : it will now automatically refresh the present values of all the objects you are currently looking at after a short delay.

Create and Delete Remote Objects

Using the Explorer, you can now create new BACnet objects in remote devices. Inversely, you can also delete objects.

Create Object


This is where things get really interesting.

We took what we learned in Vigilia and built an amazing web API.

This means that whenever you have Wacnet running on a BACnet network, you can send HTTP request to read data or send commands. You can now built your own BACnet applications and use this API directly without the need to learn Clojure!

Imagine building beautiful dashboards in HTML and javascript. Just fetch the data directly on the Wacnet API and show amazing stuff on your creation.

You can check our small example for the Vigilia API if you need some inspiration.

Wacnet API

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