23 March 2019

Over the past few months, we’ve silently pushed a few updates to Graphivac. We now officially announces version 1.1.2, which brings a whole lot of useful features.

Copy Paste

Graphivac now supports copy-pasting between grids, projects, and even between Graphivac servers!

Value Formatting

Values retrieved from a live BACnet network or from Vigilia are not always ‘display friendly’. Nobody wants to see “22.233333333333°C”, but on the other hand you might very well want to be able to see the 5th digit on a very small value. Well, you can now choose your own value formatting. SI prefix, significant digits, localized fixed-point currency, rounded percentage…

Check out d3.format to see all the possibilities.

Inline Math Evaluation

We’ve encountered numerous cases where it would have been great to be able to change the value. For example for units conversions. Well, it’s now possible to do so! Simply insert an equation between curly brackets, like so : {(@bac.present-value + 2) * 4}

Font Configs + Inheritance

It is now easier than ever to select the particular font you want in your drawings. Not only can you choose how to format your text fields, you can do so in an inheritable way. This means that you can decide to configure the text for a whole project, but overwrite this configuration for particular cases.

Can you imagine the need to show something in large, bold and red ?

Font configs

Embedding Iframes

This is a big one! You can now embed your Graphivac into other webpages using Iframes. This means that your users/customers don’t have to see the editing tools, but can rather focus their entire attention on the systems displayed in the drawings.

Go ahead, embed Graphivac in your website, in your Wordpress pages, in your single page application… wherever you want! We even added a small Iframe editor to help you configure everything :

Iframe Editor

What does it looks like? Well, just take a look below. No distracting editor and toolbar, simply a pannable, zoomable, HVAC drawing. The perfect addition to please your users!

As with previous versions, you can download a server freely from HVAC.IO. Enjoy!

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